FraternityLive and SororityLive: New look and features launch September 4th!

31 08 2007

To those who have been checking my empty pages, I’ve been putting all my energy into the new FraternityLive/SororityLive launch, eagerly preparing for September 4th’s premier of our new tools and applications on a bigger, faster, more secure network. With the popularity of social networks and the correlation with the back to school season, this is going to be HUGE! Having previewed the changes, I am so excited to unleash this very latest version to our users.

The social features have been dramatically upgraded, including new SMS messaging and Family Tree building features. We’ve also added improved calendar and events management, plus a marketplace! The financial tools are the real star of this release, so chapters can collect dues and handle budges/finances more easily and with greater efficiency. The account management display is fantastic, especially considering the FraternityLive/SororityLive network is FREE! Most importantly, we have expanded our servers and improved our security measures even further, ensuring the safety, security and privacy of our members and their chapters.

I am so pleased to be offering this free service to students and eagerly anticipate the feedback from our September 4th launch. If you haven’t checked out the network yet, log in! If you aren’t a member of a fraternity or sorority but are interested in how these social and financial services might benefit your group, let me know! Our user base is expanding rapidly and we’ll be enjoying lots of press coverage over the next little while, so keep your eyes on FraternityLive and SororityLive and I’ll keep you posted.




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