A brief update to everyone re: April 8th TSOT Ruby on Rails Project Night

7 04 2008

A brief update to everyone registered for tomorrow’s TSOT Ruby on Rails Project Night:

We are looking forward to a great evening, however there has been a slight change in our schedule for tomorrow night:

Mike Bowler ( returns armed with a fist full of meta-programming as he looks at “Diving into meta-programming with Date.once

Kristan ‘Krispy’ Uccello will examine the architecture and design of the platform as he investigates, “Web Development Demons: Why it can be hard to do something simple”.

And as part of our updated schedule…

Luke Galea from Medical Decision Logic, Inc. ( Luke has agreed to revisit the migration number issue from his last presentation; but will also be presenting on ActiveResource, and his project to replace active_record with active_resource in the consolidation of Hospital research.

We regret that Leila Boujnane, co-founder and CEO of Idée Inc. (idé, was called out of town. However, Leila will join us at our next event, May 13th, to discuss and demonstrate her company’s highly successful image search APIs.

We thank you all for your ongoing support and interest – as always, if you would like to get involved as a presenter please email or call (416) 908-6082.

See you tomorrow night!




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