Another Cool TSOT Event for Toronto’s Ruby on Rails Community

11 04 2008

This past Tuesday April 8th, TSOT hosted the fourth Ruby on Rails Project Night in Toronto’s tech scene. The event was launched in January with the help of my (then) co-worker Joey DeVilla, and has since seen a great response from local programmer/developers. I’m really enjoying hosting these events, despite my lack of hard coding wisdom – I just happen to love technology and computers and all the people who work in webstuffs. April’s event continued in the spirit of innovative programming, this time offering ideas from both Java and Ruby on Rails together in the night’s presentations. Before anyone gets overly critical (you blogosphericals!) we’re trying to hi-light the ‘beauty’ of Ruby on Rails… the mashup is not intended to generalize 🙂

Mike Bowler, president of, gave his third presentation in a series which, following last month’s lead, looks at meta-programming. Looking at Date.once, Mike explored more method dispatch and the notion of freezing objects.

Kristan ‘Krispy’ Uccello of joined us to introduce a little Java into the evening, and to explain “Web Development Demons: Why it can be hard to do something simple”. Using as an example, he looked at the challenge in building a new application that hosts and manages other web applications.

Luke Galea, past presenter and Technical Lead at, returned to the TSOT stage to revisit the past and look at difficulties in using active resource. Luke was kind enough to re-address the migration number issue from his February presentation, and then demonstrated his recent project to replace active_record with active_resource.

I’m looking forward to TSOT’s next Ruby on Rails Project Night on Tuesday May 13th, 2008, where Leila Boujnane of Idee Inc. and Andrew Burke of Shindig will join us. The event is free but space is limited; please email to reserve a spot, or to inquire about becoming a presenter or sponsor.




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