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A look at the correlations between diverse elements and converging concepts


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9 04 2010

i want the course details on Ruby in Rails

7 04 2011
Adam Dukszta

Hey Corina,

Im a recruiter in Liberty Village for a boutique shop called Hireglyphics. We specialize in Rails and have multiple opportunities with the best shops in the city – NuLayer, Nulogy, Lavalife and mDialog.

Id love to chat further with you as these positions range from 65-120k. Let me know if we could sit down in the coming weeks so I could tell you more about the clients and opportunities.

Hope this message finds you well,

Adam Dukszta | Account Manager
416 583 2030 ext. 2003 (P) | (F) 416 534 0065
67 Mowat Ave, Suite 535 Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3

9 04 2011

Hey Adam,

I myself do not program or work in Ruby on Rails. I am a writer and social marketer; and more of a community engagement expert, hence my reasons for initiating, curating and hosting the Toronto Ruby on Rails Project Night. Although I’m an avid user of Ruby applications, I do not have any programming abilities beyond basic html 🙂

I do however have a broad network of programmers with whom I’m happy to share any opportunities you have to offer. You can forward any details to me at

Thanks for your interest,

Corina 🙂

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