Off to San Francisco… *thaaaaaaaaaanks*

21 04 2008

OK… well not everyone will have seen the South Park episode necessary to find humour in my title… but I’m off to San Fran for the first time this week, planning to give lots of Web 2.0 Expo-sure. My previous company, TSOT, Inc. is sending me along for the ride, and since I have not yet had the opportunity to attend any O’Reilly events, Web 2.0 seems like a good place to start!

Before all my ‘hardcore’ nerd friends chime in with their two cents, I realize that by naming it ‘Web 2.0’ the conference is going to see a lot of upturned noses and smugness – maybe that’s why it’s in San Fran ? (haha South Park again) However I’m going to try and leverage my way into some interesting conversations and fun parties at the event. It’s always good to see what the general business community thinks of web 2.0 technologies, especially when it comes to implementation; this conference is probably the one place where I can chat without being completely overshadowed by tech gurus… *crossed fingers* 🙂


Anyway, for those of you who attend the Ruby on Rails Project Night in Toronto, I’ll be trying to drum up some interest for our event as well. I’ve already spoken to a few Rails design houses who are interested in getting involved both as sponsors and as presenters – don’t forget to direct interest my way: or – so far things are looking good for May and June!


A bit of a boring post just to give an update… LOTS more to come once I arrive in the Bay! Not being much of a flower girl… I’ll just show up with my laptop/ipod/blackberry in hand. 


FraternityLive and SororityLive Makeover!

8 02 2008

TSOT’s FraternityLive and SororityLive networks have just released a fresh new look, with a Spring Break photo contest launching soon!

Very exciting and bright, check out the freshness:


Scientology – Sometimes It’s Best to Say Nothing At All

19 01 2008


Take a cue from Tom Cruise… it’s best to say nothing – but try to elaborate your discussion of nothing into a 9 min speech that makes you look like a deluded zealot.

TSOT’s New Office – True to Toronto’s Tech Scene

15 01 2008

Yeah, that’s right; This IS a gratuitous post about TSOT’s gorgeous new office! Our company has just opened an awesome ‘playground/workspace’ for our developers, and I have to say it really embodies the ‘tech business’ culture of our city. Anyone who has spent time in the heart of Toronto knows that we tend to be a little ‘outside the box’ when it comes to business etiquette – casual everydays and flex-schedules aside, we like to embrace the fun side of our tech community. 60” plasma televisions help, as does having Wii and Xbox 360 systems in the office… musical instruments and a karaoke mic also help induce a bit of extroversion in the workplace 😉


(Before and After)


Our team is really happy with the new space, and we’ve already begun to invite the community in to take a peek. Our next event for the tech community will take place Tuesday February 12th at 5:30pm – please call me at (416) 640-6144 x229 for details, or visit to sign up for our newsletter.


Press Release Me!

7 08 2007

So, with all the buzz going on at work surrounding the FraternityLive and SororityLive websites, particularly as we draw closer to Rush events geared at getting students connected as they return to campus, I’ve had the opportunity to look into press release services to distribute our news. The company I work for, TSOT Inc., needed to find a fast and reliable way of getting the word out – beyond the world of blogging, that is. Based on the nature of our products, which are internet based and largely fueled by users in the web 2.0 scheme, I chose PRweb (eMediawire affiliate) as my distribution outlet. So far I’ve only submitted one release… a tester of sorts… just to feel the waters and see what sort of interest I can garner along the way. Much to my surprise, and despite the Canadian civic holiday, the article has already gotten quite a few hits. It was picked up by google news (though not as a top story 🙂 as well as another UK newssite… it’s pretty gratifying to see that PRweb’s online editors gave the release a 4 out of 5 editorial rating, too (speaking to my ability to write a press release, yeehaw) – I think the real question is will there be any correlation between the release stats and our site stats… only time will tell.

In the meanwhile, if you would like to view the release or subscribe, visit:

If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here so I can reply!

Interesting, Facebook and WordPress Unite to Complicate my Day

26 07 2007

Well, seeing as 41 of you decided to up and click my blog, despite the fact that there’s not much to it, I had better start adding content. I recently joined the throng of Facebook users adding the WordPress application. The company I work for, also recently added a Facebook application, and after some reflection, I have some suggestions for WordPress.

FIRST, opening a new window after signing into any service via Facebook applications is a necessity. It’s hugely annoying to have to backscroll through multiple pages, not to mention having to adjust the size of my window everytime.

SECOND, Facebook isn’t really designed to support large pages through their applications. The window to sign in to WordPress is very small and can sometimes require a scroll down. It seems pithy, but that extra 5 seconds to adjust my scroll bars is annoying enough that I have been avoiding my WordPress app like the plague (see? a correlation between my lack of blog posts, and the new App!)

 Finally, the only area of my blog that I need to check on a daily basis (if I’m being diligent anyway) is the stats page – and there is no easy way to access this on Facebook! FraternityLive and SororityLive applications pull up a very simple, very brief, very small so as to fit right in the view window, menu that shows simply my messages, events, and notifications – all the stuff us facebookers would want to quickly check up on. WordPress should build a stats summary into their App once you’ve logged in. There’s no need to direct to the page right away – most Facebookers probably aren’t using their account to construct their blog, just to check it.

So, some small suggestions. How is the rest of the WordPress world finding this application? Any tricks I’m missing out on? Feel free to comment and contribute at will… starting…. now!

Hello world!

19 07 2007

the world as one

Welcome to correlations, a blog created by someone who sees correlations between everything and connections between anything. This is only the first post to welcome all readers and to kick start the blogging!

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