Off to San Francisco… *thaaaaaaaaaanks*

21 04 2008

OK… well not everyone will have seen the South Park episode necessary to find humour in my title… but I’m off to San Fran for the first time this week, planning to give lots of Web 2.0 Expo-sure. My previous company, TSOT, Inc. is sending me along for the ride, and since I have not yet had the opportunity to attend any O’Reilly events, Web 2.0 seems like a good place to start!

Before all my ‘hardcore’ nerd friends chime in with their two cents, I realize that by naming it ‘Web 2.0’ the conference is going to see a lot of upturned noses and smugness – maybe that’s why it’s in San Fran ? (haha South Park again) However I’m going to try and leverage my way into some interesting conversations and fun parties at the event. It’s always good to see what the general business community thinks of web 2.0 technologies, especially when it comes to implementation; this conference is probably the one place where I can chat without being completely overshadowed by tech gurus… *crossed fingers* 🙂


Anyway, for those of you who attend the Ruby on Rails Project Night in Toronto, I’ll be trying to drum up some interest for our event as well. I’ve already spoken to a few Rails design houses who are interested in getting involved both as sponsors and as presenters – don’t forget to direct interest my way: or – so far things are looking good for May and June!


A bit of a boring post just to give an update… LOTS more to come once I arrive in the Bay! Not being much of a flower girl… I’ll just show up with my laptop/ipod/blackberry in hand. 


Another Cool TSOT Event for Toronto’s Ruby on Rails Community

11 04 2008

This past Tuesday April 8th, TSOT hosted the fourth Ruby on Rails Project Night in Toronto’s tech scene. The event was launched in January with the help of my (then) co-worker Joey DeVilla, and has since seen a great response from local programmer/developers. I’m really enjoying hosting these events, despite my lack of hard coding wisdom – I just happen to love technology and computers and all the people who work in webstuffs. April’s event continued in the spirit of innovative programming, this time offering ideas from both Java and Ruby on Rails together in the night’s presentations. Before anyone gets overly critical (you blogosphericals!) we’re trying to hi-light the ‘beauty’ of Ruby on Rails… the mashup is not intended to generalize 🙂

Mike Bowler, president of, gave his third presentation in a series which, following last month’s lead, looks at meta-programming. Looking at Date.once, Mike explored more method dispatch and the notion of freezing objects.

Kristan ‘Krispy’ Uccello of joined us to introduce a little Java into the evening, and to explain “Web Development Demons: Why it can be hard to do something simple”. Using as an example, he looked at the challenge in building a new application that hosts and manages other web applications.

Luke Galea, past presenter and Technical Lead at, returned to the TSOT stage to revisit the past and look at difficulties in using active resource. Luke was kind enough to re-address the migration number issue from his February presentation, and then demonstrated his recent project to replace active_record with active_resource.

I’m looking forward to TSOT’s next Ruby on Rails Project Night on Tuesday May 13th, 2008, where Leila Boujnane of Idee Inc. and Andrew Burke of Shindig will join us. The event is free but space is limited; please email to reserve a spot, or to inquire about becoming a presenter or sponsor.

FraternityLive and SororityLive Makeover!

8 02 2008

TSOT’s FraternityLive and SororityLive networks have just released a fresh new look, with a Spring Break photo contest launching soon!

Very exciting and bright, check out the freshness:


Scientology – Sometimes It’s Best to Say Nothing At All

19 01 2008


Take a cue from Tom Cruise… it’s best to say nothing – but try to elaborate your discussion of nothing into a 9 min speech that makes you look like a deluded zealot.

TSOT’s New Office – True to Toronto’s Tech Scene

15 01 2008

Yeah, that’s right; This IS a gratuitous post about TSOT’s gorgeous new office! Our company has just opened an awesome ‘playground/workspace’ for our developers, and I have to say it really embodies the ‘tech business’ culture of our city. Anyone who has spent time in the heart of Toronto knows that we tend to be a little ‘outside the box’ when it comes to business etiquette – casual everydays and flex-schedules aside, we like to embrace the fun side of our tech community. 60” plasma televisions help, as does having Wii and Xbox 360 systems in the office… musical instruments and a karaoke mic also help induce a bit of extroversion in the workplace 😉


(Before and After)


Our team is really happy with the new space, and we’ve already begun to invite the community in to take a peek. Our next event for the tech community will take place Tuesday February 12th at 5:30pm – please call me at (416) 640-6144 x229 for details, or visit to sign up for our newsletter.


Success! TSOT Ruby on Rails Project Night will be back EVERY month!

10 01 2008
TSOT, Inc. opened the doors of their brand new ‘developer playground’ to Toronto’s tech elite this Tuesday for the premier of TSOT’s Ruby on Rails Project Night.
As TSOT’s VP of PR, I was lucky enough to coordinate the event and got to meet tons of key players in Toronto’s tech community!
TSOT’s Ruby on Rails Night Premiers in the new Bloor St. office
Thank you to everyone in attendance at the first TSOT Ruby on Rails Project Night this past Tuesday. The evening was a great success with demos from Andrew Burke, Hampton Caitlin and Mike Ferrier (thank you guys, great work) and the MC stylings of TSOT’s own Joey deVilla. With over 40 of Toronto’s tech elite comfortably filling TSOT’s new office, we couldn’t have asked for a better crowd!Please mark your calendars Tuesday February 12th for our next TSOT Ruby on Rails Project Night, which promises to be another great event for Toronto’s tech community.
If you are interested in presenting at a future event or learning more about TSOT, please contact me, Corina at (416) 908-6082.
Thanks again to everyone and see you Feb. 12th!
Toronto’s Tech Elite Gather at TSOT’s Ruby on Rails Project Night

Joey deVilla, Accordion Guy and Tucows Technical Evangelist, Joins TSOT, Inc. and FraternityLive Development Team

30 11 2007

I had the opportune pleasure of sitting down with technical evangelist Joey deVilla recently at our TSOT, Inc. office in Toronto. With such a winning personally and zest for the accordion, it is easy to understand how Joey rose to the rank of public speaker at Tucows (and also why we have added him to our team of top developers). He’s a shinning example of how the most abstract ideas and interests can come together in an individual, and with that said let me introduce Joey deVilla – Accordion Guy and Technical Evangelist extraordinaire!

Toronto, ON November 29, 2007 — TSOT, Inc., Toronto-based developer of private social networking platforms like FraternityLive and SororityLive, has just welcomed Joey deVilla of Tucows fame to a growing team of top object oriented PHP developers. With the growth of the FraternityLive and SororityLive network and the addition of deVilla’s expertise, TSOT, Inc. is bringing the power of social networking to groups and business organizations across North America.

As a graduate of the Queen’s University Computer Science program, Joey deVilla has held leading roles in several groundbreaking technology companies. At Opencola, deVilla worked alongside Cory Doctorow (of Boing Boing fame) in creating relevance-based peer-to-peer software. Most recently, deVilla held the Technical Evangelist position at Tucows, demonstrating his extensive knowledge and winning personality as an ambassador for both technical and non-technical clients. Joey deVilla is also a well-known figure online, maintaining several popular blogs including ‘The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century’ and ‘Global Nerdy’. His motivation in joining TSOT, Inc., deVilla explained, “I want to make really cool software and help tell the company’s story.”

In leaving Tucows to join TSOT, Joey brings over 10 years of programming and development experience to the development team. TSOT, Inc. is gaining a strong reputation as a Ruby on Rails platform developer, which for deVilla was an added bonus. “Rails is new, makes programming fun and most importantly it lets you focus on functionality for the customers,” he explained, which is also one of the driving factors behind the TSOT, Inc. philosophy. As the FraternityLive and SororityLive network continues to grow, TSOT, Inc. welcomes Joey deVilla’s expertise in designing innovative networking solutions for organizations across North America.

For a demo or additional information about FraternityLive or SororityLive, contact Corina Newby or visit

About TSOT Inc.:
TSOT is the owner and manager of the innovative online applications FraternityLive and SororityLive. These applications are designed for the Greek community, helping chapters all over North America to stay organized and connected while maintaining the privacy and integrity of their network.

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